Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Its a hard knock life

I watched "Eat Pray Love" last night, loved it. The part that mostly stood out to me was the 'Eat' part (shocking). One of the characters said to her something along the lines of..., "You must be American, I can tell; you Americans have no fun. You don't eat because you want to be skinny, all you do is work because you want money, but you never do anything fun with it because you're always stressed. Anytime you do eat spaghetti you are guilty for a week after the fact." This is horse shit, I absolutely do not want to live like this. I want to have children a plenty, a world of big family dinners, an abundance of wine and a revolving (in a good way) door of friends. I picture mine and Luca's life almost like in a commune (again, in a good way). I want to feel safe in that I don't always know were she is but I know she is playing with one of a handful of good friends in the neighbourhood. Do you think this exists anymore? Life without constant worry? I'm not really into moving to Italy to get it, but I will if I need to. Although, I, 100 percent, would eat and drink myself into a food induced coma.
I don't want to give in to the daily grind, the miserableness that is some peoples lives these days. I take public transit in the morning, it just reeks of unhappiness. No one makes eye contact, most smell of day old booze. Doing what they have to do to survive. Which in Vancouver is a hell of a lot. It's so easy to let the simple things that make us happy slip out of the forefront of our minds when we have the stress of the world constantly banging at our door.

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