Wednesday, February 13, 2013

So much on the mind and nowhere to put it.

Oh wait, yes I do! Right here!
My blog is my safe place. I can rant, rave, cry, and laugh. It is absolutely, my therapy. I need to write more but it's hard to make the time.
My sweet baby girl turned three this past week. Wow. Three. I cannot believe I am a mom to a three year old. Somedays I slip on my cream converse shoes, throw on my toque, and grab my backpack and think to myself, how can someone that looks 12 years old, have a house,  be expected to make nightly dinners, clean sheets once a week, but most of all, be a MOTHER?! It still shocks me.

Her birthday was awesome. R.A.W. and I had gotten into a raging fight the week prior, so I wasn't expecting his presence for Luca's birthday dinner, but low and behold he showed up in fine form. We had a lovely dinner for three at my besties restaurant, Bao Bei in Chinatown. A few margarita's later Luca and I jumped in a cab and called it a night. This weekend we had a backyard BBQ party for her special day. It was perfect.
The juicy world of pof isn's so juicy. I went on one date and it was super fun, normal, and great...but not much contact after the fact. His phone probably got flushed down the toilet or his fingers got amputated or something right? Ya that must be it.
I have NO time for anyone that can't put in at least half the effort, so bye bye.
It seems to be that all men these days have either a wedding ring or no brain cells. Like literally I feel like those are the only two categories.
All of that being said I am actually really great; for the most part I'm feeling energized and ready to take on anything that comes my way.
Thinking of sending myself a dozen roses tomorrow. Just for fun.

The man of the house "boy"

My new obsession. Won't stop till I get em.

Is this girl for real?

Tea party

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