Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Living life through a plenty of fishers eyes

I set up an online dating account and dove in. My girlfriends and I have been touching on the subject here and there for the past few years. Chat, after chat, I decided to do it. It feels weird, almost violating... I instantly got a mailbox full of GROSS messages and quickly had to change my settings to not allow "sexual encounters" to contact me. Sorry- 50 year old beer belly divorcee from Chilliwack, I am absolutely NOT interested. From talking to friends it can be successful, and most definitely fun, and to be honest the fact that 50 y/o Chilliwack native told me I look like a supermodel felt pretty damn good.
In the days of no Luca I had no trouble finding a man, especially working in the industry, men are a dime a dozen. Now, as a single mom, I literally have no opportunities to meet anyone. I am home alone with Luca every night but one and that one I am working. I have convinced myself that everyone on there must be a mass murderer so the chances that I will actually go on a date are slim to none, but you never know.

Once you have exposed your single life online you live life through different eyes. Yesterday at JJ and at school all the men I saw were now different. "Omg are they online daters? Do I recognize him from p.o.f? Is he looking at me because he recognizes me and knows I'm fishing?!?!?!?

For the first time in two years I feel like I am actually not looking or wanting a relationship, the fact that during this freeing time I have decided to online date is beyond me.


  1. I met Alex on line. Dated. Married. Had his babies. Celebrated 7 years of marriage. Will be looking forward to reading about your adventures!

    1. When I was writing this you and Alex popped into my mind because I remember reading about it at some point. Alex definitely isn't a killer and he can even cook!

  2. I tried to reply to you from your Fri msg tonight and found you gone! Came over here to see what's up and found out you've given up FB.

    I gave Luca a pair of cream cabled tights and a top/dress to go over them in cream with a little gold running through the yarn. I bought her cute little tartan shoes to match but they were too small so took them back when I got home.

    I had also gotten a snow globe, a tiny stuffed reindeer and a sleigh that a plant used to be in when I visited an old family friend before I went to see Luca and Ryan. She was going through a box of Christmas stuff of her Mom's that day (her Mom had recently passed away) and thought Luca might like these things to play with.

    Well, her and I played for about an hour. We'd wrap the reindeer up like a swaddled baby in some paper, put him in the sleigh, and then I'd fly the sleigh around. She'd giggle, take the reindeer out, unwrap him, and then get me to do it all over again. This went on for some time before she informed us she wanted to go for a walk. I thought it would just be a short one, so I didn't even take a jacket. She was very clear which way she wanted to go. I discovered it was because there was a playground about 3 blocks away, by VGH. You know how hard it is for me to walk too far with this stupid big leg of mine, but persevered out of love for my darling niece. We played there for awhile, but she wasn't too impressed that everything was wet and I had nothing with me to wipe things down for her.

    Anyway, it was the best time I'd had with her because it was focused time just with her. Loved it - want more, but will have to wait until she's older to be able to make the trek over to see me on her own! For now, it will be these sporadic visits whenever I can afford to come to Vancouver and see her for an hour or so when Ry's got her. I wish we all had IPads and could just do Facetime all the time!

    1. awww! That all sounds so cute! She's obsessed with covering her doll's and toys with blankies! You can get in touch with me through my e-mail jennaalphenaar6@gmail.com