Friday, January 25, 2013

Do you stand up in the shower?

I do.
I have always been a happy stand up in the shower kind of person. When r.a.w. left I became an unhappy sit down and cry type of shower person.

I was having a convo with a friend after work a few weeks ago, she is going through a bad break up and during our chat she said, " Things are looking up, I stood up in the shower today." I stopped her in her tracks and thought oh my god this is the perfect analogy. The best way to describe a feeling in five words. "I stand in the shower."
During my dark days I would lay/sit in the shower usually twice a day. Luca could come in with me and not know I was having a mental breakdown slash crying fit. My tears would blend with the dribbles of water.
 Now we shower standing up. When we bathe, we lay down, but it is a happy stress relieving lay down. Life is good when you can shower standing up everyday. It means you are energized and ready to start the day.


  1. What a gorgeous daughter you have! So happy to hear you are standing up!

    1. Thanks Andrea! She's going to be a heartbreaker.