Wednesday, November 7, 2012


My life is so funny slash weird. I just live day to day doing school work, making meals for Luca and I, playing play-doh and at least once a day I can usually be caught having a heart to heart convo with one or more people. It's usually about love and marriage. Or children. Or about how badly I want to marry Jef Holm. He is a previous bachelor from last season of the bachelorette, and to be honest I am not embarrassed by the fact that I am mildly obsessed with him. Yes, I do realize I don't "know" him...per say. But I do know that when I meet him our chances of marriage are pretty high. I already know that he is into hot moms so that's a big check off my list. I know he is a well dressed hipster, another big check, I also know that he provides clean water for children in Africa...UH HELLO!!!! BULLS EYE!
The vision that I see happening is: Jef and his hot co-workers coming to Vancouver on some sort of volunteering trip, they pop into Chill Winston on a Monday night (my new night to work), sit in my section, I'm running around like a crazy person because I am so busy, I turn quickly from the bar to serve a tray full of drinks and bash right into him. I look up and oh my god its fucking Jef Holm. He looks right through my soul and says, "Holy shit, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my entire life." I say... well I say nothing, I am speechless. The rest is history, we move to middle America, he pays for my nursing school and the three of us live happily ever after.
I know this sounds psychotic. Trust me. I know.

Today I was visiting besty while he was getting his hair done. I was having chats, I looked over at one of the sinks I saw one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen. He was a half blind version of Ryan Gosling. I'm not out much with out Luca in tow so these are the kind of opportunities I need to grasp. He was for sure straight because his shoes were horrendous. I was too much of a chicken to even look at him in the eye, so I got a stylist that I know to give him my number after I had left the scene. I'm never going to get anywhere if I don't stop being so scared. When these situations arise I literally turn into a different person, I can't see straight, I start sweating profusely and the last thing I am able to do is give someone my number or better yet ask them out. What is wrong with me?!?!?!? Should I try an online dating site until I meet Jef? What if I don't meet him for another 5 years? I'll be so lonely till then.

It has been insanely rainy in Vancouver, last weekend Luca and I stayed in for 3 days straight. By the time Monday rolled around I was more than ready to go to class, and so was Luca. Her "fwend"  bit her yesterday on the arm, she will not stop talking about it. Mostly she keeps telling me how much they kissed and hugged after it happened. So presh. God I love that girl.
*Joe Freshs' sweater collection is out of control right now!

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