Thursday, October 18, 2012

Saved by the bell

I am loving school. Even though my math class is heinous, I somehow get a thrill out of it. My teacher is out of this world, he literally lives for math. He talks about it like it's his child. When he's in front of class teaching (for FOUR hours) he truly believes that we are enjoying what he is teaching. Each and every one of us. Like I said it's a four hour block, which is mind boggling to me,  halfway through he always says "Oh..I guess we should have a break?" Like actually expecting us to say... "nah, why would we want a break?!" So he gives us an equation and says, "ok, you are welcome to take a 15 minute break (those words make him cringe) OR you can stay and work on this problem!!"
Ya, I'll take the break thank you VERY much. I've never been a coffee lover. I love fake kind of coffee's like vanilla latte's and mocha's. But during these breaks I go to the caf for a good ol' drip cof. It makes me have this outer body experience. Super fun.
Cute boys definitely help the school experience. I have made a nice circle of friends, some I believe will be life long friends.
 I just love the statement, " Oh who me? Ya I'm a student."
I haven't been to school for 10 years. I opted to travel the world and make a baby once I graduated high school, so this is a whole new world for me. I always listened to people I work with whine and cry about how they had so much homework, how they could only work one shift because of school. Blah blah blah. Drove me nuts actually. I just always took it as- "I'm better than you because I am a STUDENT." underlining that they will not be a server for life. Serving is a weird thing to me. It is one of the most judged careers, or job they call it, in society. In all actuality, we probably make more money and work half the amount of the person whom we are slaving away to, that is secretly thinking to themselves, 'awww poor girl, single mom server, how sad.' This is not all the reality of it. I go to work for 6 hours, make a shit load of cash, get in my car, come home, wake up with my baby in the morning and she never knew I was gone. It's perfect. However, it's a dirty, dirty lifestyle. It's late, it's greasy, it's shady, and it's a never ending life of dodging smoking and drinking. The people are amazing. Most of all my best friends... wait actually, ALL of my best friends I have met through the industry. It's a personal choice for me to want to get out. I feel like it's as intense as being a drug dealer, tax free-cash. We don't pay for medical because we don't make enough...right??

School and a goal has given me purpose. I need more purpose than being a mommy. I didn't think I did until recently. Once I get my degree maybe that will be enough, maybe I won't even work that much. We all know that by then I will have met my man that lives in a beautiful character home on the sunshine coast, over looking the beautiful water. He will 100% give me the choice if I want to work or not. So i'll make the decision then.
For now, I plug away trying to get A's, so that I can get accepted into university and nursing school.

Deeners and Dani- seems like centuries ago

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