Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My vision board

Ok so. It's an apparent problem that I actually have no idea what kind of man I want or better yet need.
I figure if I start writing, characteristics will come to mind and I will someday achieve the golden prize.

I was joking with a friend this morning saying that I need a vacation something fierce. I figure sometime in the near or better yet far future when I meet my man the first thing that will fly out of his mouth will be: " Holy shit Jenna, you seem stressed; first things first I am booking you and Luca an all expense paid trip to the bahamas." "Why thank you dream man, I suppose I will give you a ring when we return?"
And yes I said, when we return...you are not joining. Gee heavens I just met you!!!!!

I am OBSESSED with hats. Not all sorts. I would gag and die if you show up on a date with a too small curved brimmed hat that says "Eugene Wildlife Park" on the front. I like a man that can rock a flat brimmed strong man hat. What's your favorite sports team? Don't tell me about it-wear it.
Speaking of sports. No man of mine will not know his sports talk. I pretend slash half know lots about sports. I would be more than happy to host a "Sunday football" game day for you, and all your hot flat brimmed hat wearing friends. My mom has a killer veggie chili recipe.
I guess IDEALY (which really doesn't exist in my world) you should have a career. It's really not on the for-front of my mind, but unfortunately it is important. You cannot be a bartender. Unless you are a special one, with great family morals. YOU must come home straight after your shift. No- "oooops I fell asleep at my "buddies" house after we were watching youtube videos." Ya as if buddy, get the fuck out!
I am attracted to bartenders in an extra ordinary way. It takes an amazing person to be able to man a bar. A funny, intelligent, quick, passionate, charismatic person.
I'm just really not into the lifestyle.
A vehicle. Public transit just doesn't work for me. "Oh I have a rad $500 hipster road bike." Ya sorry. No. How are you going to pick my baby up from daycare in the depths of the winter on your road bike? Peace out.
Style is important to me. I know it might sound shallow, but it's just the way it is. It drives me to drink when I see a beautiful man in disgusting oversized jeans from Bluenotes. Get a grip on reality, no wonder you're single.
My best friend would beg to differ but I love music. I love talking about it, singing to it, dancing in the middle of the night, drunk, with my man to a good oldies tune.
Believe in a family style bed. I co-slept with Luca for 13 months, this is very important to me. We should all be able to sleep on top of each other going all different ways. However it may be, you are not on the couch.
A belief in organic, free-range, mostly meat free healthy living. Ok... ok, I have been know to chow down on a hot dog slathered in fried onions. And my favorite thing in the entire world is A&W. My point is, I am raising Luca to lead a healthy life style. I think family dinner time is crucial to a child's well being. Even though it's the two of us we do it 5 nights a week.
Support me.
Talk about me behind my back. Bitch about me. Love me. Want me. Believe in me.
If you ever lie to me. I will leave you. Even if it's just once.
Love my best friend. Accept our closeness and our love for each other. He is a man, he is beautiful this is never changing.
Love my brother. Ask about him, do research about him, help him. Again- love him.
Camp. I love camping.
I am crazy. It will take an insane person to love me and understand me.
Be on the opposite side of the spectrum from boring.
Have a back bone- a big one. Challenge me. Be mean sometimes. Just please jesus don't bore me.
Have an open mind to paying off the credit card debt I am accruing until I meet you.

I love myself, I love taking pictures. I love instagram. I love babies (and want lots more.) Oh shit how did this turn to be all about me? hmmm...shocking.

Basically I love passion. Passion for anything is a huge turn on. Intelligence is huge. I want my man to be smarter than me. Teach me things. Drive me places. Take care of me. I am so sick and tired of charity cases. I want a real man that has his shit together and is ready to take on a new life. The life of Luca and I.

Please send all candidates to: oh actually don't. I'm totally not ready to meet my husband.

Posting pictures of us for your enjoyment. When I find my man I will add a million pitures of him to my vision board!!!!

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