Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More things that make me happy:

I basically just LOVE things. I am known for spending Luca's education saving's on things such as:

  • JJ Bean Vanilla latte's- This is a serious addiction. It's an everyday thing now. (I don't work)
  • 'Wish' by Lollia- Eau De Parfum
  • My Sam Edelman booties, thinking of investing in a black pair to go along nicely with my beige ones
  • Fleecy jammies
  • Big sweaters
  • My Cheap Mondays my besty gave me years ago, they still hug my booty the same way they did the day I got them...nice and snug.
I also love the following even more:

  • Fall walks with Luca on the seawall
  • Text messages
  • Boys


  1. Great post Jenna. Recently I tallied up my daily latte cost and it is ridic. Being on maternity leave means lots and lots of out and about walks with my two littles...which means I'm given more chances to spend $ on a coffee. Eeps!

    1. Oh I know! JJ Bean is right by my school -it's terrible. But I'm a tired student so it's ok right?!