Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fuck you cancer; die and go to hell.

Dear name-less horrible disease,

No body likes you, everybody hates you. You have not one friend, you are on white blood cells hit list. You take people that don't deserve to die. You cause people to loose their hair, you make people cry, you leave children motherless or fatherless. You leave parents childless. You are terrible. You deserve nothing. You actually don't even deserve a name. If you ever touch anyone else that I love; I will find you and murder the shit out of you. You will not be in our future because we are doing everything humanly possible to kill you. Our children's children will not have to fret you because we walk, run, and ride for freedom from you. Good luck in hell.


Jenna A.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Holy, Holy, Guacamole.
I am busy. I've always hated when people say. "I am just so busy, busy, busy, busy. No time for anything." I have always thought to myself, "Well then make time, ya dolt."

I am enrolled in full time school, trying to work, and of course mommy-ing. It's a heavy load, but, I am thriving off it. Loving it. I don't have time to think about Bachelor Pad, Dancing With The Stars, or even Good Morning America. I'm a big time news junkie so I flip er on for the 5:00 news once in a while; while cooking dinner. My classes are going really well, I find I'm judging myself sitting amongst a class full of 19 year olds', when in all  actuality I am doing way more than I ever thought possible at this time in my life. One day, hopefully, I will be a nurse and all these dumb dividing fractions and figuring out (x+y) - (10^%$#^&fuckthis9893743) will all be ancient history.
I am really enjoying my english class although my teacher has ironically pointed out that I can't write worth shit...

I went to a mommy blogging event last week, it was amazing to share stories with other moms, have a glass of wine and chill out with all strangers. I did know one mommy whom i adore, the writer of She is a RN at St. Pauls Hospital and was on the panel of speaking mommies, she is who inspired me to start blogging. It was excellent to see her.

Last but not least my angel from the heavens is LOVING her "school." Everyday I go to pick her up she is stained from head to toe with dirt, smelling of sunscreen, and bliss. I love her so much and everyday I am bussing to go pick her up I feel as jittery as I did when she was 3 months old and I left her with her dad to go grab a quick cup of tea. I would be shaking, sprinting back to the house to hold her.

I am already excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas break. I couldn't be more ready for fall. I am pushing my luck with big sweaters all ready and finding myself sopping with sweat by the end of the day. Bring on the frostttttt!!

A gem of a picture from this summer.
Luca and one of her many boyfriends Asher

Loving my new Joe Fresh mustard skinnys.

All ready for her first day of school!


Fuzzy picture of her new favorite pastime.

Study corner.