Monday, August 13, 2012


Today I met a wonderful soul. Very rarely do I meet someone and get along with them like a house on fire. Usually it takes several meetings for someone to feel warm towards me. I feel warm and friendly to almost everyone I come across, I would tell a teddy bear my life story if it would listen. But as I said most don't tend to warm to me as fast.
I could have talked to her about hardship, motherhood, love, children etc. etc. etc. for days on end. It was very refreshing.
I LOVE it when new amazing people come into my life. It's such a blessing. I feel people come in just at the time you need each other most. I have always believed that our lives are mapped out. We are following a plan that was written for us. It seems insane to me that my recent chapter in life was planned and written, but I suppose it was. My next chapter is already written, I am waiting for it to unravel and bring me glorious things.
I am taking life day by day. Minute by minute. Enjoying the summer with Luca tremendously, the sun has been out of control amazing. Loving. Loving. Loving.
We are having many late nights, lots of beach time, and too many to count amazing moments for the memory bank.
I am continuing on the confusing road when it comes to the opposite sex. Nothing really makes any sense in my head. It seems as though my brain is full of fog, it's the most bizarre thing ever. When I try to make sense of situations/figure out what I want, I literally draw a blank. It's like I forgot to think. Or forgot what I want and am looking for. Seriously frustrating.
At this point of my life I have to trust in my path and know that I will end up exactly where I should be.

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