Sunday, June 24, 2012

Just the two of us: We'll build castles in the sky.

Cause three is a crowd right?
I took a leap of faith out of no where and called it quits with b.m.l. I can't explain why, I just had a feeling deep in my gut that was screaming at me.

I came to some emotional freedom within the last few months; unfortunately, lately the elephant on my shoulders has once again started creeping up and I felt it wouldn't be fair to drag someone as amazing as him along with me. I feel like at this point in my life it just needs to be Luca and I along for the ride.

I will say I am starting to feel as if I will ALWAYS make myself believe this. I will always find something wrong, someway out.
I have somewhat of a peaceful mind-frame about my decision to ditch the bo.
I will 100% stop obsessing about companionship and know that worse comes to worse I have all a girl needs.

R.A.W. & Luca Father's day 2012

New bike at nana's

June-uary in Vancouver

Somebody please buy these for me.
Thank you!!!!
Jazzfest 2012
Jazzfest 'Picframe'

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