Monday, May 21, 2012

Life: To fast for my liking

I really started noticing the day Luca was born. What?!?!? She's already 2 months? 1 year? 2 years? Oh geez, too fast. Way too fast. Luca was colicky. So, for her first 3 months I wanted life to whiz by. Life was not do-able, life was too hard to handle. Once the colick high tailed it's way out of our house, in hopes of no return in any future baby, life is creeping away FAR too fast. My favorite music is now becoming " the oldies" my hands don't have much youth to them anymore, the thought of "investments" are flashing through my brain. Most of all I have a child.
I am old.
An old hag.
Life is far to precious to have my "dark" days. Dark days are aloud, they just aren't aloud when they are not needed. No time for this. Our days need to be filled with love, warmth and happiness. Not to be filled with doing things I don't want to do, not to be filled with regret, anger or worry.

It is a constant daily struggle for me to live in the present. I think my mind wanders more than the president's in shavasana. "dishes, outfits, babies, worry, worry, worry, men, babies, work, money." Shut the hell up would ya?
 Love your family. Because really. That's all that matters.
Tell those who you love that you love them. Because really. That's all that matters.

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