Sunday, April 1, 2012


Life these days seems simple. It seems easy. I have finally came to peace with the fact that no more babies are coming to me within the next few years and having one is SO easy and so perfect. We are this perfect team of beauties, conquering everyday as it comes. As a single mom you can't leave your babe with the hubby while you "go grab an onion" you bring her with you everywhere ALL THE TIME. This makes for a baby that can, and will do anything, anywhere, anytime.

I am loving the afternoon sunshine, and the tweet tweet of the birds in the morning. I see an amazing future for us.  My dream of becoming a birth doula is getting more and more real every day.
I'm trying to forget about finding love because I know that too will fall into my lap like everything else in my life has.
Things that made me happy this week.

The perfect cup of tea.
My mom.
Luca dancing.

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