Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The good life.

Life is amazing right now. I choose to document our every move. Well not [my] every move but the ones that can be shared are shared.



  1. Jenna! these pictures are so fucking amazing. I cant get over it. I just get sooo excited for Luca to see these and maybe read this blog when shes older and realize how much you do for you both, and how much fun you guys had/have. I absolutely love loveit! Kinda sad to say, but it makes me wish my mum had been alone together like this from when I was this young. I think I would have been more appreciative and ...somehow cooler hahaah. You are an inspiration for single mums to enjoy the ride and not worry (okay not worry too much) about where you'll both end up!

    1. Thanks Madison. I guess our life is pretty cool!
      Thanks for reading!! xoxoxo