Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jenna Alphenaar, Birth Doula.

Just flows off you tongue doesn't it?

I am on a one way street to becoming a certified birth doula. What is this you may ask?
Birth doula's ideally improve obstetric outcomes and lower intervention rates dramatically. We help with physical and mental comfort measures and emotional support for the expectant mother and father. A birth doula will carry you prenatally into the day the baby arrives. She is generally attuned to a mother's emotional and physical needs, and stays with you the whole duration of the labour. Usually the mother's fear is that she will even step out for a pee. Which we as doula's sometimes have to "hold it for 30 hours." Studies have shown that with a birth doula present the rate of a cesarean section goes down by 50%.

I choose to have a midwife for my birth of Luca, at this time I wasn't educated on what a birth doula was so I was doula-less. My midwife Kat, was a blessing to us. Better than anything I could describe. A doula can be present in a hospital birth with a midwife or a doctor. Or she can be present at a home birth with a midwife. The nurses at St. Pauls were outstanding, I still think about them and how amazing that hospital is all the time. My ending goal is to be a perinatal nurse,  but with the turn of events this past year I have to take my life and my schooling one step at a time.

While I was away on my "getting my spirit back trip" with Luca, I received a message from someone who was just starting up a company called DEME Pre and Postnatal Services. She approached the idea that we meet when I arrived back home to talk about me joining her company as a birth doula. The second I met her and got the jist of the dream she was following, I knew it was a fit for me and before we knew it we were cracking a bottle of cab. to celebrate.
As a pregnant woman the last thing we want to do is search search and search for all our needs. DEME is a one stop shop of local mothers and woman following their dreams.
Have a pop in and see what we are all about.

8 Months pregnant 

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