Sunday, February 5, 2012


Home safe.
It was a crazy journey home but we finally made it.
We flew on a very bumpy, death defying plane trip from Bocas Del Toro to Panama city on Wednesday morning. It is a very metropolitan city, so it was a shocker to the both of us. We took full advantage and had Wendy's for lunch and subway for dinner mmmm yum it was delicious.
Spent the night in a beautiful hotel, and started our 20 hour journey home on Thursday. The layover was brutal, I accidentally had two beers which put me right over the edge of tiredness and fuzziness. All of the sudden the airport went from busy and stressful to fun and airy. When you travel with a child and are that dehydrated 2 beers is like 10. Ezra and Morgan took a picture of our plane from our cool!

Luca and r.a.w's reunion was enough to bring anyone to tears, she was SOOOO excited to see him.
As was I.
It's a new feeling that I have, a new set of emotions. I am no longer angry, I no longer have any hatred towards him. That being said, I do still love him, and I do still wish things were different. Do I wish we were laying on the couch with a bowl of popcorn discussing how crazy it is that our baby is two. Absolutely. But that is not how it is and I am o.k. with it.
 These last few days with him being around from morning till night haven't been easy, but they have been good. Nice and blissful. I've really enjoyed this villian-ess character back in our lives. Back in Luca's life.
I am by far the most tired person on the face of the planet.

Our baby is almost two. Some photos from her party today.

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  1. Welcome home!! Happy birthday to your sweet little baby. 2 years, amazing!