Friday, January 13, 2012

Ya mon

Holy fuck where do I start.
We left drake bay at 7:00 am on Wednesday? ( I just had to think about what day it was for 20 minutes, jeleous??) so ya two days ago we hopped on the boat, which was so bizarre, it picked Luca, I and a godsent (get into it later) couple up from the beach in front of our cabinas, then drove back and forth not in the correct direction to pick up other people from other hotels. Everytime we picked up someone new he backed in the boat to the shore and they hopped on, but seriously we were all 100 meters from each other, why didn't we all meet in one spot? On one of the times we backed the boat into the beach picked up peoples bags ONLY THE BAGS not the people, started the engine went and picked up the neighbors then came back and picked up the bagless people. All the while I was almost puking my guts out from the rocking of the boat. ugh. So anyways the couple that was staying in the same place as us had offered a ride to the bus station in the closest town to sierpe. Obviously I took it, a free ride? Duh. They were vacationing from California, Ryan and Julia. He was super hot. Californian surfer dude. I needed to hit up the bank as I was down to 4 dollars. Went to the bus station first, Ryan spoke spanish and was more than willing to to everything for me so again i took him up on the help. The only bus available was the mountain bus that took 2 extra hours than the coastal bus. It was our only option though because the next coastal left at 6 pm which got us to scary San Jose in the middle of the night. I wanted to book the bus ticket before we headed to the bank to secure a spot but they didn't take credit so we took off the the bank broken atm. Went in the bank, didn't understand what my canadian debit was so wouldn't give me any money. Luca tired. Me scared. Thank god thank god Ryan and Julia were still hangin to help. Drove to another bank. Everytime I put my debit card in the machine it would cancel the transaction straight away. In my head I am thinking holy fuck, I have 4 dollars, no bank is giving me any money and this couple that offered me a quick ride wants to kill thereselves. So I go into the bank. p.s theirs like 5 security gaurds with guns outside the bank at all times, I flash them my card and for some reason they took me to the front of the 12 person line. (uh thanks) I know that the teller isnt going to speak a word of english I looked through the line to see if I had any hopefulls and what do you know a man I had met earlier that week who helped me order my ice cream was waving at me. So he came up to the teller explained what I needed and it was perfect or so I thought. The nice banker man took my passport and card and went to get me money. Seriously not joking you he came back 23 minutes later with no money. "sorry no expiry date, can't give you money" meanwhile Luca is laying with her face on the bank floor because it was so hot she needed the tile floor to cool down. I grab her cringing whilst walking towards the car to tell them I am a hopeless poor non spanish speaking loser and how can they help. Low and be hold R&J bought us a bus ticket and gave us spending money for the days trip. Thanks guys I heart you.
Bus ride was painfull and long. Luca was amazing though. We ate so much junk food my stomach still hurts.
San Jose. Taxi driver took us straight away to a bank, easy squeezy lemon peezy got out $400 bones and went to the hotel. Nothing much to report on that. Got up this morning and headed to the bus terminal to come to Puerto Viejo de talamaca. Once again it's Luca my 800939048 pound bag alone in a place where I have no idea what's going on and no one speaks my language. I found the ticket place was waiting in line and I heard, Jenna???? I turned around to see a keener Dutchman that I had met along our travels. Straight away he grabbed my horrifying bag while I spoke my best Spanish and got us a ticket for the next departure.  I trusted this man with my one and only while I went pee and got some fruit for the long haul. He sat behind us, played cars with Luca unraveled my god forsaken ipod cord and even shared his food with us. What a lovely gent he was. He got off at the little town before our stop..

Hunter insisted on taking us for a swim so we went right along. Soon to follow a romantic dinner for 3 and a sunset beer on the beach. Sketchy you may ask? Well yes and no. Once again I have a good feeling in my heart about him and so did Luca. I have two double locks on my door and I know for a fact if I scream in the night my neighbors will hear me because I felt like I was just inside the orgasm she just had. Literally I could here everything. Bitch.
I hope to not see hunter again even though he was really nice, but I really have no interest in having a local tag along. No thanks, talk to you never.
We will probably be here for 5 or 6 nights then off to Bocas Del Toro, Panama.
I am so tired.


  1. can you steal that girls bag and bring it home to me.. i think its a bag..

  2. OK what!!!!! still laughing but please remember your gramma Virginia is reading your blog....Perhaps on those days when you are trying to figure out what day it is(yes jealous) you could pick up a spanish dictionary and start learning how to speaky the language.....

  3. Hey Jen,
    It is awsome that you do this! It is great to share the little bits of your experiences with you! Thank goodness for the nice people you attract! Give Luca a hug and kiss for me. Can't wait to hear about your next adventure! :)