Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Day before yesterday we hiked down our driveway and was going to hitch a ride into dominical and hang at the beach for the day but the family that picked us up were headed to Manual Antonio so we went along with them. About a 45 minute drive from our house to a small beachy town. Beaches strung with tourists and high priced umbrella rentals. Felt like San Diego. We made a pit stop at the grocery store before settling into the beach bought an ice cold bottle of beer, some oatmeal cookies and a banana for Luca. I rented a char and an umbrella so Luca could have a nice snooze while I got in some tanning and book reading time. Worked out well the couple beside us was from the states and for sure not baby stealer's so they watched her sleep while I had a few cooling off dips. Was a lovely day. Before we headed out I decided to splurge on a backpack I had my eye on for hours. I lovvvvvvveeeeee it. Cost 50 bucks but I'll have it forever. Caught the bus back to Quepos where the bigger terminal is to catch another bus to dominical. We had a half hour to spare so we popped into Subway (hesitantly because of the price of a sandwich there) but I just really wanted air conditioning and a taste from home. Got and a cold diet coke a six inch meaty sub and a bag of baked lays. Gave the tica who spoke not one word of English my colones (cr money) and she handed me back the exact same amount i gave her but in smaller change?? In this situation at home I wouldn't hesitate and correct the mistake. But for some reason I counted it in my head and hightailed outta there. You gotta take what you can get sometimes I guess. My karma bit me back instantly when Luca ate my whole sandwich and half the bag of chips. Oh well. FYI a really good way to get skinny is to have a baby, breastfeed for 2 years, go backpacking in a country that is one million degrees on a budget, buy a limited amount of food and feed it all to your baby. Wam Bam thank you mam.
Yesterday we hitched into town again (took 1.5 hours for a ride) Like really? I'm standing on the side of the road with my baby in my bathing suit do i look like a killer? Finally "Pedro" picked us up in his little cherry red Toyota corolla. I knew this car was a winner when I heard Mariah Carey "touch my body" blasting from a mile away. Sure thing pedro stopped picked us up and got us to our destination safely. All while singing "tuuuch ma boday ya in the floor yes gimme mor." amazing. We went to a pool for the day felt like we were in a hawaiian resort was blissful. I used phone at the hotel to book our next stop. Bahia Drake on the Osa peninsula. We take 2 buses from here get all our supplies in a town called seirpe then take a 2 hour boat ride to Drakes bay. "The magic lies in it's intense beauty where monkeys drip off mango trees and waves crash onto jungle coast"  No electricity, no nothing. Everything is powered by solar energy. The place we are staying supplies 3 meals a day, so I don't even have to cook! ahhhhhhhhh. I will be writing in my journal and blogging when I come back to reality on the 15th.


  1. When will you leave for this place Jen? Can we come?

  2. I just finally read about your trip....I'm so jealous. I loved Costa Rica. Hope you girls are having the time of your lives! Can't wait to hear more.

  3. bahahahahaha, you freakin thief, I would for sure rip off a canadian subway, but a costa rican subway, not only is that on heard of and i think your lying that you found one, but come on!!!!! hahahahahaha the sun must be hitting you hard gur! bahahahhaha, oh and by the way, life is NOT the same with out you!!! You are loved and missed all over da world Pretty. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  4. Jen, I am loving reading about your trip, it's like listening to you talk, you should write a book. I admire what you are doing, this is a memory you and Luca will share for the rest of your lives. Love you, give Luca a big hug from her Great Aunt...THE GREATEST that is :-)

  5. Hi....me again...I saw this quote today and thought of you...

    "~ A strong woman knows she has strength enough for her journey, but a woman of strength knows that it is in her journey where she will become strong. ~"