Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Drake bay

Serenity at it's best. After an easy bus ride we arrived in sierpe, I was told to go to Las Vegas restaurant to book a boat to Drake Bay. It was bustling with people looking to do the same. Somehow I got on the first boat out of there which was 11:30. We were a hour early so we got a few cold coconuts to re hydrate and walked to the grocery store (a nice man watched our bags) I of course carried my new amazing backpack with our passports and money. At the grocery store I stocked up on my box-o wine Luca's snacks and we were set to go. Hopped on the boat, it was SOOOOO hot I was sweating up a storm so was Luca. Happy to get on the boat for some breeze. It was an amazing ride through trees, crazy vines, local shacks on the side of the river. Luca drifted in and out of sleep the whole time from the lull of the motor.
We arrived at the shore and a man from our cabinas picked up our bags put them on the back of his quad and we hiked up to our new home. Its so beautiful here. Very quiet family owned place. All the guests have breakfast, lunch and dinner at a big commune table. I love it. The main reason I love it so much is because I am the reining crib champion. It's a big position to hold and I hope I keep it throughout the trip. We hired a boat with a lovely couple we met on our second day and went to a deserted beach, they played frisbee and Luca and I did what we do best sit on the shore and fill our bathing suit bottoms up with sand. The last few days we have done absolutely nothing but walk the beach to town to get an ice cream cone. Time to check out tomorrow head to the big city for an overnight then to the Caribbean for some white sand, rastas and spice. Then Panama. We've been here for a month and I'm not missing home anymore, but I still feel weird at 4:00 not sure why that happens.Some pictures from drakes.

View from our cabina

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  1. safe travels Jen and Luca over the next couple of days!!!!