Friday, December 9, 2011


Calling all moms:
Is it just me or do you find random junk around the house with no home so you secretly stash it under the bed or in any nook or cranny you can find and pretend it never happened? This is me and its embarrassing.
I have about 20 random things in those random spots. It plays on my mind over and over again and drives me nuts. Why don't I just clean out the bags and put the items in the garbage or in the proper place to begin with?
I am a terribly disorganized person. I am really working on this fault especially for this trip for obvious reasons. I'm the person that is packing as I am running out the door every trip i've ever gone on.  Only to find I have the bottom to that bathing suit, the top to that one. One pink sock, one black. No shampoo. Oops I left my passport on the kitchen table! Makes for a very stressful, not enjoyable venture.
This is going to be a long flight with Luca and have some definite challenges. I think I am semi organized this time, but maybe I'm forgetting something that you think would be a must for this trip? We are backpacking so items are kept to a minimum. My favorite thing so far is our new portable Sony dvd playerfor those times when Elmo is your saving grace.

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