Saturday, December 17, 2011

Playa Dominical

ahhhhhh we made it to the beach. Three hour car seat-less drive from San Jose and were here in heaven! Our little cabin is beautiful We arrived in the dark so when I woke up the next morning I was absolutely stunned at the rain forest in our backyard and so was Luca. She was mostly excited for all the buzzing and growling outside our window... whatever that noise was I don't want to know really. She loves all the bugs and random horses/cows on the side of the road. Can't wait to see a monkey. Costa Rica is really weird in the way it is beautiful sunny one minute and pouring down monsoon the next second. Beautiful really. We were playing on the beach today and it started to downpour, I looked at Luca with tears in my eyes, happy tears, and said out loud, we did it, we really did it, were swimming in the rain in Costa Rica! We have some new friends across the way they are amazing, they have a little girl just over one and her and Luca are bestie's already. All in all I'm really happy here and so is Luca.
Isn't it weird how 2 dollar boxed wine tastes delicious in beautiful foreign countries?

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  1. Babe, out of EVERY post you have posted, this is the one I am crying in. I am so extatic for you. I hope that you are finding what you are looking for and are feeling safe and secure. What a great feeling I have about this for you. I'm so happy that you are feeling appreciation for everything around you. Wish I was there to see your face shine xoxoxox by the by, this girl and Luca look like twins hahahahhahahaha amazing, I love you babe