Friday, December 30, 2011

Jungle feva

So many things are annoying me at this very moment. For one I already wrote all this and pressed a STUPID random button and the whole thing erased UGHHHHHHH. secondly all the webpages are in spanish so please tell me how im supposed to log in? Ya maybe i should be hitting a translate button but when it's in spanish how the eff am I supposed to read it? Maybe traslationes? hello? Oh god i just hit a shrink button so now i need a microscope to see my writing. God help me.
Besides wanting to throw my computer out the window, things are swell. Christmas was amazing, didn't feel homesick, felt like I was exactly where i should be. So did Luca. We went to a friends who had about 20 guests everyone brought something. Turned out to be quite the american feast. I made the stuffing, (I have a tiny hotplate stove and one little frying pan) and no real ingredients either. With a group effort it turned out fabulously. Went along well with the usual turkey and potatoes. Luca played in the pool and opened some presents it was a fabulous day. No homesickness. Sung Christmas carols all the way home, sweating at 10:00pm. Since then the days have been mellow and safe. For the most part...
Today we hiked down our driveway and went to the nearby hotel for a mid-day swim, the worker that we saw a few days prior to today was again. I think he's the gardner, bartender, server, driver, houskeeper, tour guide, ladys man, pilot, cook. You name it he does it. He remembered Luca's name offered her a water me a beer "hello Luca and pretty" we had a very nice day he ended up walking us up our driveway of doom since it was dark. I was yet again thinking to myself "ok seriously this could go bad real fast" but I had a good feeling in my heart about him and it was correct because we got home safe and sound. Oh and for the record I walked into the neighbors so he didn't know where we sleep. Naked. Vurnarable. Alone. He offered to take us on a hike to a waterfall next week so I think we will do it. Luca, pretty, and Max. Tomorrow heading into town for the day, looking forward to my kiss at the stroke of midnight with Luca bazooka.

                                                               Heating up stuffing at Christmas Dinner

                                                                           Luca's new friend jay jay


  1. AMAZE!
    I love how lucas always naked lol
    loves ya

  2. Hey Jen those are great pics especially the one of Lu sleeping

  3. Well you poo head sissy, you may not be homesick but we sure did miss you and Luca (mostly Luca) at Christmas! Hope 2012 is a better year for you, miss you! Love the pics!

  4. wish I was singing Luca a christmas carol right now!!!!