Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Arrived alive

With 8 minutes to spare at the Vancouver airport we got a breakfast sandwich in our belly's and boarded the FULL plane. As I was walking (dragging Luca and my ridiculously over sized i want to kill myself carry-on) my heart was thumping with the different ideas in my mind of who would be accompanying us on flight. Who are going to be our surroundings? Lots of friendly faces that smile when they see how beautiful of a baby is going to be flying high with them, or grim dark faces that are pissed that a single mom and baby is going to be driving them nuts? Ya you guessed it, the second one. We were on the window seat stuck by two 982 year olds. Whom were not thrilled at all at this situation. I straight away asked if I could have to isle to not be a bothersome to them and their amazon kindles. Ended up working perfect Luca was an absolute angel she couldn't have been better. Stop over in Dallas was quick and easy then again the intense heart thumping and ' hopeful helping hands' lookout began. Ended up sitting next to the oldest people I have ever seen in my life AGAIN but this time they were wonderful so were all the surroundings. It took a village to fly a baby by this point so it was awesome, she was sitting with different people up and down and across the isle... 
I was so nervous about the flight and getting here I forgot I was actually coming here. When I got off the plane i forgot I couldn't speak the language. All the taxi drivers and god knows who else those guys were flocked to me. The exhausted, sweaty, yogurt covered, dopey looking single mom. Who better than to give a really expensive taxi ride to? I ended up graciasing my way to our free shuttle somehow. Now were here Luca is dead to the world and I'm going to checkout for hopefully 12 solid blissful, sweaty hours of sleep.
Night night.


  1. yay you gals made it! I did the same thing when we got to bangkok....whaddoyouuumeaaan I don't speak thai? huh? OKEEEY HERE WEEE GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  2. Awesome, glad to hear all is well. Rest up, the journey is just beginning.


  3. Thanks for the call, sooo happy you arrived safe.Hope your drive goes well today,give my baby a hug and kiss for me. Love you!