Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bye Bye 2011

Dear 2011,

I hope to never again re- live you. Thank you for the wonderful year with Luca, thank you for bringing special people in my life and thank you for good health.
 2012 will bring love, happiness, and forgiveness. Please no apocalypse.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Jungle feva

So many things are annoying me at this very moment. For one I already wrote all this and pressed a STUPID random button and the whole thing erased UGHHHHHHH. secondly all the webpages are in spanish so please tell me how im supposed to log in? Ya maybe i should be hitting a translate button but when it's in spanish how the eff am I supposed to read it? Maybe traslationes? hello? Oh god i just hit a shrink button so now i need a microscope to see my writing. God help me.
Besides wanting to throw my computer out the window, things are swell. Christmas was amazing, didn't feel homesick, felt like I was exactly where i should be. So did Luca. We went to a friends who had about 20 guests everyone brought something. Turned out to be quite the american feast. I made the stuffing, (I have a tiny hotplate stove and one little frying pan) and no real ingredients either. With a group effort it turned out fabulously. Went along well with the usual turkey and potatoes. Luca played in the pool and opened some presents it was a fabulous day. No homesickness. Sung Christmas carols all the way home, sweating at 10:00pm. Since then the days have been mellow and safe. For the most part...
Today we hiked down our driveway and went to the nearby hotel for a mid-day swim, the worker that we saw a few days prior to today was again. I think he's the gardner, bartender, server, driver, houskeeper, tour guide, ladys man, pilot, cook. You name it he does it. He remembered Luca's name offered her a water me a beer "hello Luca and pretty" we had a very nice day he ended up walking us up our driveway of doom since it was dark. I was yet again thinking to myself "ok seriously this could go bad real fast" but I had a good feeling in my heart about him and it was correct because we got home safe and sound. Oh and for the record I walked into the neighbors so he didn't know where we sleep. Naked. Vurnarable. Alone. He offered to take us on a hike to a waterfall next week so I think we will do it. Luca, pretty, and Max. Tomorrow heading into town for the day, looking forward to my kiss at the stroke of midnight with Luca bazooka.

                                                               Heating up stuffing at Christmas Dinner

                                                                           Luca's new friend jay jay

Friday, December 23, 2011

A day from the heavens, still feeling iffy...

Today we left our homestead at 7:00 am which was easy peasy since Luca's new rising time is 5:00 am. We were on the road and heading to our new friends with our neighbor and also new dear friend whom was going to be graciously taking care of Luca for the day while I went on a mommy adventure. We drove down a dirt road for a good 45 minutes before we got to our destination. I never thought it would feel so normal. Luca bouncing up and down hitting her head on the roof getting a gasp of fresh air by sticking her head out the window. irrisponsible parenting you say? pffff.
Our destination was horse stables where we had a delicious breakfast then rode into the sun to go to one of the biggest waterfalls in c.r. It was amazing. We galloped most of the way. Took about 50 minutes to get to the falls, then we parked our horses and hiked one kilometer to fresh water heaven. Had to take a little zip line thingy, I honestly don't know what you would call it, a make shift air cart that took you over a huge river, held on by one piece of rope. Insane. Survivor style. Got to the falls and by this time it was raging hot so i ripped my clothes off and jumped in, ahhhhh it was so beautiful. I ended up weezling my way into another group that came to the falls to cliff jump. Not cliff jump but i guess you say waterfall jump. After the whole group went we asked if me and one other girl could have a turn. So we swam into the rapids towards the fall and they had a rope with a tire we grabbed onto then got pulled in. While I was climbing to the top I couldn't see a thing let alone breath because i was climbing a fucking WATERFALL. It was so scary. One of those ok this is it my life is surely over moments. I ended up somehow getting to the top and jumping off it was crazy, I was shaking like a leaf. Shortly after we got on our horses and headed home. By that time I was on a one way street to get home to Luca. It was so good to see her after all this adventure. She had a great day hanging with her new friends...
I am so exhausted and feeling a little bit weird not being home for Christmas. At around 4:00 everyday i get an overwhelming feeling of homesick and broken hearted-ness. Sucks and I can't wait for it to go away.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Attack of the human sized grasshopper

Seriously. I'm not kidding. Look at your hand, this DISGUSTING creature was one hand and a half. So creepy. This will be one of the many many times that i will leap to mars from the site of a creepy crawler this trip. Good thing Luca was asleep otherwise she would have tried to kiss or pet it. Yuk.
Starting to settle into our little temporary home here in Dominical...I'm feeling a tad uneasy but it was to be expected being this far from home with my little one. She choked on a carrot today and it freaked me right out knowing that we couldn't get to a hospital quickly. But the most beautiful places in the world have to be some what remote, right? Right??? This town is really cool, although our home is far up into the jungle we take a 10 minute "tico" bus ride down to the beach and the main road of Dominical. Yesterday we took the bus down and got some gailla pinta (rice and beans) a typical Costa Rican breakfast. Mmm it was absolutely delicious, Luca also had a banana shake sans the sugar, it was super nummy too. Then we headed to the beach it was pretty stormy so the waves were huge. She fell asleep on me so I covered her with a sarong to block the rays (i found out quickly the rays are still strong with no sun) she slept for a good two hours while I just layed my head on a log and listened to the crash of the waves. This is exactly what the doctor ordered.
It is tough being all on my own here though. No one to help, no one to hand her too. It's challenging but not too too different from home... add 30 degree weather, cheap wine and no job and it actually equals to be way easier than home!
We've only been gone a week and it feels like way more, I wonder if that is a bad or good thing. I can't stay up past 8:30 for the life of me, maybe has something to do with my 2 year old wake up call.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Playa Dominical

ahhhhhh we made it to the beach. Three hour car seat-less drive from San Jose and were here in heaven! Our little cabin is beautiful We arrived in the dark so when I woke up the next morning I was absolutely stunned at the rain forest in our backyard and so was Luca. She was mostly excited for all the buzzing and growling outside our window... whatever that noise was I don't want to know really. She loves all the bugs and random horses/cows on the side of the road. Can't wait to see a monkey. Costa Rica is really weird in the way it is beautiful sunny one minute and pouring down monsoon the next second. Beautiful really. We were playing on the beach today and it started to downpour, I looked at Luca with tears in my eyes, happy tears, and said out loud, we did it, we really did it, were swimming in the rain in Costa Rica! We have some new friends across the way they are amazing, they have a little girl just over one and her and Luca are bestie's already. All in all I'm really happy here and so is Luca.
Isn't it weird how 2 dollar boxed wine tastes delicious in beautiful foreign countries?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Arrived alive

With 8 minutes to spare at the Vancouver airport we got a breakfast sandwich in our belly's and boarded the FULL plane. As I was walking (dragging Luca and my ridiculously over sized i want to kill myself carry-on) my heart was thumping with the different ideas in my mind of who would be accompanying us on flight. Who are going to be our surroundings? Lots of friendly faces that smile when they see how beautiful of a baby is going to be flying high with them, or grim dark faces that are pissed that a single mom and baby is going to be driving them nuts? Ya you guessed it, the second one. We were on the window seat stuck by two 982 year olds. Whom were not thrilled at all at this situation. I straight away asked if I could have to isle to not be a bothersome to them and their amazon kindles. Ended up working perfect Luca was an absolute angel she couldn't have been better. Stop over in Dallas was quick and easy then again the intense heart thumping and ' hopeful helping hands' lookout began. Ended up sitting next to the oldest people I have ever seen in my life AGAIN but this time they were wonderful so were all the surroundings. It took a village to fly a baby by this point so it was awesome, she was sitting with different people up and down and across the isle... 
I was so nervous about the flight and getting here I forgot I was actually coming here. When I got off the plane i forgot I couldn't speak the language. All the taxi drivers and god knows who else those guys were flocked to me. The exhausted, sweaty, yogurt covered, dopey looking single mom. Who better than to give a really expensive taxi ride to? I ended up graciasing my way to our free shuttle somehow. Now were here Luca is dead to the world and I'm going to checkout for hopefully 12 solid blissful, sweaty hours of sleep.
Night night.

Friday, December 9, 2011


Calling all moms:
Is it just me or do you find random junk around the house with no home so you secretly stash it under the bed or in any nook or cranny you can find and pretend it never happened? This is me and its embarrassing.
I have about 20 random things in those random spots. It plays on my mind over and over again and drives me nuts. Why don't I just clean out the bags and put the items in the garbage or in the proper place to begin with?
I am a terribly disorganized person. I am really working on this fault especially for this trip for obvious reasons. I'm the person that is packing as I am running out the door every trip i've ever gone on.  Only to find I have the bottom to that bathing suit, the top to that one. One pink sock, one black. No shampoo. Oops I left my passport on the kitchen table! Makes for a very stressful, not enjoyable venture.
This is going to be a long flight with Luca and have some definite challenges. I think I am semi organized this time, but maybe I'm forgetting something that you think would be a must for this trip? We are backpacking so items are kept to a minimum. My favorite thing so far is our new portable Sony dvd playerfor those times when Elmo is your saving grace.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

10 sleeps and counting

Wow. So I finally did it. I started a blog. I've been in "bloggerenvy" for a good well 2 1/2 years. Since the day I conceived miss Luca.
Every night I sit alone flip through the tv, think about doing school work (never do it) look at my phone a good 897 times to see if I have a text or if anyone played a move on hanging with friends. None of which is ever exciting so I end up hitting the sack after a nice crisp piece of whole wheat toast with a generous amount of butter layered with nutella. If i'm feeling super bored and munchy I will pop in a second piece with a (always generous & heaping) spoonful of honey.
I figure If I start blogging I won't watch an endless amount of crap tv and I will become smart enough with words that i may even win a game of hanging with friends.
10 sleeps until a trip of a lifetime. What i am hoping to gain on this trip:
- a tan
- a skinnier waistline
- breath. I want to find my breath again
- my positive outlook on life that seems so distant
I have the mommy thing all figured out and I do it quite well so I don't need to work on that much. I am taking this trip to work on myself and Luca is coming along for the ride. How would I find a better travel companion anyways?